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Weekly events available with our speakers to discuss the following:

  • Helping families deal with addiction, suicide and depression. Namely educating you on the warning signs of addiction and enabling mistakes you may be making.
  • Human Resources training to help your company lower drug testing costs. We can even show you how to still see an incresed profit even though minimum wage is increasing.
  • Help and information for those entering the workforce and new entrepreneurs on how to make the most of your education and practical skills in this age of perceived entitlement.
Former Under Cover Consultant to Citizens & Law Enforcement, Michael Bonventre
IN SUPPORT OF ALL  FIRST RESPONDERS &  OUR VETERANS,, SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN!!!! GOD BLESS YOU, "Fight Back" honors all veterans and active service members 365 days a year with action. "Fight Back" honors our military's service & sacrifices by actively exercising the freedom of speech and call to action their sacrifices ensured for all citizens to 'Fight Back' against crime, corruption and tyranny from within.

Michael Bonventre has consulted federal, state, county agencies, small businesses, large corporations, private groups and families since 1982. Mr. Bonventre began speaking to business owners, corporations and educational institutions about profit and loss issues that plague businesses and communities nationwide.

  To hear more, check out audios of our speakers.
  These can also be found on each individual speaker's page.
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