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Ladylaw Publishing, LLC started out with one goal – helping people bring their stories to life through books. With the advances in technology, connecting stories with people has taken on a whole new look.
While Ladylaw Publishing, LLC can still assist you with self-publishing, editing and marketing, we now offer so much more. We can bring your story to an audience of literally thousands as an accepted podcast guest. You can record an informercial to promote your book/story to thousands for pennies on your advertising dollar. You can be a sponsor of the Mike and Jo Consulting Podcast and have your name/the name of your book be seen each time one of our Podcasts is listened to.
The possibilities truly are endless. Which of our services can best suit your needs?
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It is our goal to connect storytellers with interested
audiences through publishing your book or
helping you schedule speaking engagements.
We are proud to represent the best people in their
industries. If you'd like to schedule one of our speakers,
please complete the contact form or email us directly.
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