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STORIES - bedtime stories, scary stories, lifetime stories, sad stories, true stories. Stories can inspire, motivate, teach, encourage, comfort and entertain. Whether written or spoken, everyone has a story. Our publishing services can assist you in telling your story. We invite you to peruse our publishing services to learn how we can guide you through the self publishing process or publish your accepted work.

LEARNING - does your group want to learn a new skill? Looking for some motivation or sharing a common experience? Let Ladylaw Publishing, LLC. provide your group with the perfect speaker. Meet our current speakers at our Speaker’s Bureau page and check out some of most popular topics. Be sure to check back often as we are constantly adding to our offerings.

COMMUNITY:  People who seek out Ladylaw Publishing, LLC services are generally interested in the “bigger picture” – issues that are larger than themselves. They are eager to learn how to improve not only themselves but their families and communities. Recognizing the need for practical knowledge and skills that everyone can use, Ladylaw Publishing, LLC has created a series of events where attendees can learn practical skills to deal with addiction issues, safe and proven methods for clearing drug traffic out of neighborhoods or negotiation skills specifically formulated for women just to name a few. Visit our Events page to see a calendar of events.

We look forward to meeting you – soon!
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It is our goal to connect storytellers with interested
audiences through publishing your book or
helping you schedule speaking engagements.
We are proud to represent the best people in their
industries. If you'd like to schedule one of our speakers,
please complete the contact form or email us directly.
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