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Michael Schreck

Dr. Schreck has practiced Emergency Medicine for over 30 years.  He has been a Clinical Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine through Upstate Medical University and a former Director of the Southern Tier Paramedic Program at SUNY Broome.  He is currently board certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine.  In his years of practice he has come to know what poor health is.  Likewise he has learned how important mindset is when it comes to good health, be it physical or mental.

Good health is NOT an accident.  Unfortunately we are influenced by what goes on around us, whether it's right or wrong.  Also, we form habits, be they good or bad.  In my study on health and nutrition, I have seen a number of recurring themes, all of which point to better health.  I'm convinced that ALL of us have the ability to achieve a disease-free, healthy state.  It's really a question of making the right choices.  

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