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Matt Brown
Professional offering a 20+ year career dedicated  to the implementation and compliance to procedures and laws that ensure the safety and security of people, assets and institutions; adeptly transfer experiences and skills to varied work settings such as banks, retail businesses, courts, campuses, federal buildings, county offices, and other public venues; demonstrate proficiencies in the following:
  • Investigations   – Internal & External
  • Training/Instruction
  • Court/Grand   Jury Depositions
  • Interrogations/Interviews
  • Compliance   to Laws & Internal Policies
  • Site   Security Inspections
  • Supervision
  • Armed   Security
  • Computer   Proficiency
  • Apprehensions
  • Agency   Interaction & Cooperation
  • Apply outstanding use of software, technology, interviewing skills and knowledge of laws, regulations and procedures to identify potential crimes and breaches of security; also rely on a wealth of experience to spot trends and patterns indicating risk areas and wrongdoing. Certified Fraud Specialist-ACFS
  • Serve as an informational resource throughout organizations regarding procedures to minimize crimes and safety issues; also possess excellent teaching and training skills within classrooms and work settings.
  • Expert at surveillance, as well as physical security; show exemplary skills in interrogations, evidence building and working with a range of law enforcement agencies and organizations’ staffs and management.
Assistant Vice President/Financial Intelligence Unit-Fraud Investigator/Physical Security Specialist/CFS
Community Bank N.A.
One of three Investigators and the only Certified Fraud Specialist for a 232 branch financial institution covering the NY/PA/VT/MA areas; investigations include a wide range of criminal incidents and fraud.
Certified Instructor & Manager, Aequitas Security Training School, Bainbridge, NY
Founded, manage and teach the New York State Security Guard course approved by the NYS Department of Criminal Justice. Also a SABRE pepper spray/self defense instructor.
Criminal Investigator – Police Officer, Broome County Office of the District Attorney, Binghamton, NY.  Attended the Broome County Zone 6 Law Enforcement Academy.
Managed a wide range of investigations for cases handled by the District Attorney such as, narcotics, robberies, forgeries, business crimes and others.
Peace Officer – Court Security, Broome County Government Security Services, Binghamton, NY. Provided general law enforcement duties for county owned facilities (college, parks, arena, courthouses)
Samples of Matthew Brown in media:
DA Law Enforcement Duties (just over 10 minutes)
Matt and Mike (just over 15 minutes)

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