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Gary Truce
Dr. Gary Truce is a Professor of Health and Wellness Studies at Binghamton University in upstate New York.  He teaches courses in Psycho-physiology, and Health, Human Behavior, and Society. He received his Doctorate degree from West Virginia University with a concentration in Psychology Relating to Human Behavior and Functional Capacities.

Dr. Truce has studied the human mind extensively, and has become nationally and internationally known as a lecturer, motivator and consultant on psycho-physiological functions and paranormal behavior.  He has also become prominently known as a professional hypnotist and therapist.
Over the years, Dr. Truce has worked as a Sport Psychologist for athletes from the New Your Jets, Washington Redskins, and the Oakland Raiders football teams of the National Football League. He has also worked with professional and amateur racecar drivers, golfers, wrestlers, basketball and tennis players, ice skaters, as well as with actors and entertainers. He has also worked with several United States track and field and tae kwon do athletes mentally preparing them for international competition and the Olympic Games.

Dr. Truce has also worked for the Center for UFO Studies as a hypnotist, as well as for police and detective bureaus throughout the United States and the Virgin Islands.

He has been interviewed on several radio television programs, and has had numerous articles written about his talents and research which have appeared in newspapers, magazines, books and journals throughout the country.

Courses Taught at Binghamton University:
  • Psychophysiological Awareness
  • Health, Human Behavior, and Society
  • Contemporary Health Issues
  • Introduction to Parapsychology
  • Running and Health Awareness
  • Physical Fitness and Wessness
  • “Shelly and Rhoda – (A Most Extraordinary Spirit Encounter)” Self-Published through LadyLawPublishing.com, October, 2016. Available at Amazon.com

  • “Hypnosis and Beyond,” a sixty minute educational television special filmed live on Forum 79 – WBNG-TV, Binghamton, New York; copyright, October, 1979.
  • “UFO’s – Are They Real,” a thirty minute educational documentary on UFO phenomena. Filmed by WBNG-TV, Binghamton, New York; copyright, October, 1979.

  • Dancer:  Irish Dance Performance Team: 1994-2018.
  • International Folk Dance Performance Team: 1994-2018.
  • Scottish Dance Performance Team: 1995-2014.
  • Ballroom Dancer:  1996-2018.
  • Swing and Polka Dancer:  1995-2018
  • Running, Physical Fitness, and Nutritional Studies.
  • Professional Hypnotist:  1973-2018.

Professional Lecture and Workshop Presentations:
  • The Power and Programming of the Human Mind.
  • The Conditioned Human Mind.
  • Understanding Hypnosis and the Powers of Suggestion.
  • Studies into Longevity and the Quality of Life.
  • Contemporary Health Issues.
  • Health, Human Behavior, and Society.
  • Paranormal Investigations.
  • Investigations into Ghost or Spirit Phenomena.
  • Exercise and Nutritional Studies.
  • International Dance Workshops and Parties.

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