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Speakers, Podcasts & Training
Helping people to preserve their legacy by bringing their stories to life through books. However, Ladylaw Publishing, LLC has grown to so much more.

We thank all of you who have shared your stories with us. You have taught us, motivated us and helped us create the products we offer here. We know they make a difference because you have told us and we have listened.

VISIT OUR SERVICES PAGE and see which of our tools can best help you.

Ladylaw Publishing, LLC, in conjunction with Mike and Jo Consulting have combined to create trainings which are offered live, virtually or recorded. Whether one on one or in a Master Class, these give our attendees real time, real life answers and skills they can use to meet their specific needs. For those wishing to take a deeper dive or break from the pack, one on one consulting is available for the individual, business or groups.

Ladylaw Publishing, LLC can provide experienced, thoughtful speakers on a variety of topics for your keynote, lunch and learn, dinner meetings or conferences. Hands on, real life experience sets our speakers apart and creates presentations, whether live or virtual, that are sure to educate, entertain and inspire.

The Mike and Jo Consulting Podcasts provide a wide array of guests offering practical knowledge  – but it does not stop there. Businesses can create a podcast infomercial which will advertise their product or service 24/7 for a fraction of the advertising cost of radio, billboards or print ads. You can be a sponsor of the Mike and Jo Consulting Podcasts and help get your message out even further or you can apply to be a guest on the Mike and Jo Consulting Podcast.

Ladylaw Publishing, LLC, in conjunction with Mike and Jo Consulting, is listening. We hear the new or struggling business owner. We hear the family trying to deal with the addiction of a loved one – or their own. We hear women trying to navigate the uncharted waters in this new world of business. We hear people trying to learn or just improve skills that will help them be more successful in their personal and professional lives. Relying on 75+ years of combined business experience, we can help you learn and live your dream and preserve your legacy.
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It is our goal to connect storytellers with interested
audiences through publishing your book or
helping you schedule speaking engagements.
We are proud to represent the best people in their
industries. If you'd like to schedule one of our speakers,
please complete the contact form or email us directly.
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