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Michael Levine
If you are an American citizen the now five-decade war on drugs has cost you  almost $1.5 trillion and counting,  yet there is no corner of this great nation no matter how small nor out-of-the-way where you could not find any illegal drug of your choice as easily as you can find a Starbucks coffee. Michael Levine will tell you why this is so and more importantly, why unless an educated citizenry begins to take matters into their own hands nothing will ever change.
Truth, Lies and What You Can Do About It
  • The economic and political facts of why the drug war was and will  never be fought to be won;
  • The opinions about the American war on drugs expressed to me by some of the top drug dealers in the world who believed I was one of them:
  • The tactics that have proven themselves 100% effective in ridding communities towns, cities and countries of drug trafficking problems, and why powerful bureaucratic, political and law enforcement entities will do anything they can to prevent them being instituted right here where they’re needed most.

Michael Levine, called “America’s top undercover agent for 25 years” by 60 minutes, is a veteran of 50 years of international street and courtroom experience (civil & criminal) as a frontline combatant in the war on drugs.   As Trial consultant/expert witness, including 25 years service with the Drug Enforcement Administration.   His expert testimony on all aspects of the war on drugs and related matters,  has been accepted in excess of 500 occasions in federal, state and international courts.   His widely published articles and books include the New York Times & national best-sellers Deep Cover; The Big White Lie; and Fight Back, the community anti-drug plan recommended by the Clinton Administration Drug Policy Office, and call” the only drug policy ever to come out of America that made any sense” by the Swedish Carnegie Institute. More details can be found at www.policetrialexpert.com.

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